How to create a Bitcoin account and get your bitcoin address

1. Go to
2. Click on wallet
3. Create a wallet/account
4. Verify on your email
5. Log into your blockchain account
6. Click on receive and copy your receive address... Its usually a long string of numbers and alphabets starting with 1...
That's your bitcoin address

How to Register

1. Click on 'Create account' on the home page.
2. Fill in your email and other needed details.
3. Confirm registration from your Email inbox.
4. Complete registration by filling in your Wallet Address, select your preferred CryptoCurrency and enter a Referral Code(optional).

Congrats. You're now a member.

Here is how to make a successful deposit...

1. Log into your account
2. Click on deposits
3. Input your deposit amount in USD and it will be converted to its real-time value in your selected CryptoCurrency or you can input the amount in CryptoCurrency and get the real-time value in USD. You'll find the Deposit instruction and Wallet Address you are to pay to below.
4. Copy the Wallet Address, go to your bitcoin wallet and pay the exact amount in CryptoCurrency that you wish to invest.
5. Come back to your CryptoDiamond account and type or paste in the Transaction(hash) ID and make deposit.